How to maintenience the fur product?

Fur Clothing & other fur accessory provides us an excellent fashion appeal, and offer lovely and natural insulation to keep us warm and comfortable, but there are some things that every customers need to know in order to properly care your favorite fur products properly, fur is difficult to clean, only by professional fur clean, your local furrier or dry cleaner who is familiar with fur cleaning will work. There are some tips on how to clean your fur products properly:

► Shake the fur products to remove both the dust and dirt, store your fur in a cool temperature, fur hate heat conditions and strong lights, as hot temperatures and strong lights will cause fur to fade and dry out.

► Hang it properly, hang your fur items in cool and dry places for a period of time, also use a good quality fur brush and brush the clothing while it is hanging.

► Avoid any chemicals, odors around fur, simply place the fur items in a bag along with a small container of ground coffee and store it, the coffee will absorb the odor and makes your fur items smell fresh.
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